User Struggles And Product Challenges In Edtech

There’s also the possibility that new screen sizes will emerge that aren’t accounted for. Despite the technological strides made in their 20+ years of existence, LMSs still struggle mightily when it comes to usability. Design Thinking is just another process that you can use as a UX designer to create the best interactions for users. With Design Thinking in your back pocket, you will be able to design more creatively and flexibly.

  • As a developer or designer, you should regard heuristic evaluations as an inexpensive sanity test to easily identify potential problems.
  • UI concerns itself with the specifics of a design, touching everything from the typography used, to the look and feel of buttons and other interactions.
  • Understanding the basic principles of UX will help you with analysis and optimisation.
  • During the ideation phase, designers brainstorm ideas for innovative solutions.
  • Design thinking has become an industry-wide practice because of its user-driven, phased approach to overcoming creative hurdles.
  • Usability testing is the number-one tool for making sure these usability flaws don’t happen.

It was an info-dense hellstorm of a website that was consistently abandoned by frustrated users. Despite a well-designed, simple wireframe with clearly labeled information and a navigable structure, the deeper people got into the process of finding insurance, the more complicated their experience became. All of the above ideas could be done without a hefty budget for user research and will have a huge impact on the final UX and the product development process.

Do Your Due Diligence To Avoid These Common Issues And More

A new business website or redesign must fit into a business strategy. Both content and functionality must come together to develop a memorable brand. There must be reasons that guide the ux design process and an understanding of why this work needs to be done. A design team, and development team, needs to not only be experts in design thinking, but also understand the larger marketing goals of a company. The first place to start understanding your potential users is analysing the customers of your direct competitors and other products/services in your space.

How to identify UX problems

He is also a published author, blogger, and a recognized visionary with functional expertise in User Experience design, business strategy, inbound marketing, web development, and business development. He serves on the Forbes Technology Council and was the ninth professional in the world to be awarded Master in User Experience. Remember that when the time comes for someone to actually file a claim with your company, the ease or difficulty of the process will likely inform their opinion about your entire organization. Websites like this allow users to find the exact form needed to complete tasks, resulting in easier and more organized experiences. Websites like this force users to search through, download, and open many forms resulting in longer sessions and more frustration.

You can spot rapidly growing trends before they take off and become mainstream ideas. Unfortunately for most insurance companies, their websites do little to alleviate this pain point for users. Many companies even go so far as to collect all of their hundreds of forms together, sticking them all in a “forms library”. Recently, we studied several hundred insurance and InsurTech websites in an attempt to identify the most common issues they faced.

Paying attention to the mechanics of your website will help improve the amount of time people spend looking at the sales copy on your website. By asking vendors the right questions, looking for certain things during demos and not compromising on your expectations, you can wind up with an LMS that delivers a great UX, as well as improved training results. All that to say, if your LMS of choice doesn’t provide a good mobile UX, your employees won’t be happy about it. Discussion boards give your workers a chance to interact with one another, revisit what they’ve learned, and gain new insights. Discussion boards have also been proved to increase training engagement and participation. As you demo different systems, have an assortment of workers sit in so you can learn their navigation preferences and uncover general trends that may influence your purchase decision.

Ux Puts The User In Usability

Eventually, you will narrow down certain ideas to focus on and move forward within the design process. Of course, sometimes designers will need to come back to this stage if a design does not solve the problem effectively. Design Thinking is flexible and adaptive to the design’s progression. Challenge assumptions, and redefine problems in an attempt to identify alternative strategies and solutions that might not be instantly apparent with our initial level of understanding. At the same time, Design Thinking provides a solution-based approach to solving problems.

How to identify UX problems

Prototyping can be inexpensive and efficient when design teams use scaled models or focus their attention on specific product features. Now you can create your own heuristics list and run an evaluation using that list. This might be your company’s visual design guidelines, or another list of usability principles that you’ve found to be helpful. The great thing about adaptive layouts is that you can customize the way your courses look for every screen size. The only drawback is that customizing different layouts for just one course on three different devices can take a lot of time.

The websites these insurance companies use all too often reflect their 100+ year histories and their dated way of doing things. This leaves their largest key demographic out in the cold, as these sites just aren’t suited to facilitate individuals researching on their own and attempting to self-service. Knowing that you should optimise your user experience is one thing. It is quite different to understand how you should optimise it.

How To Identify Product Challenges With User Experience Research

Due to the history of the industry, insurance companies are frequently burdened with a variety of disjointed systems that can negatively impact user experience. It is not uncommon to find companies who are effectively operating multiple sites, complete with entirely different URLs, branding, and structure. Your team will determine how much testing is needed, however, a general rule of thumb is to test your prototypes rigorously. While testing is often identified as the last stage of design thinking; the process is iterative – so you can try solutions over and over again.

How to identify UX problems

Asking them directly what could be done better than what they’re currently using. What you need to find out from them is what is not working up to their expectations from the existing options, not how they want it done differently. They fail to provide a clear and transparent comparison between potential alternatives. This website uses a wizard to narrow down which forms are shown to the user to complete enrollment. Choice – Users need to feel in control of their purchasing and decision making process, and be presented with the right options to feel that they are getting good coverage at an acceptable price. Get fresh job listings from some of the world’s best brands, as well as unique job hunting tips and special offers sent direct to your inbox.

A persona constructs a rough approximation of who a typical user may be — based on your user research. Understanding an audience means crafting an experience that they’ll find valuable and enjoyment when scrolling through. Even if your UX works like a charm, your user interface might be overly corporate or geared toward adult users.

This is will save you thousands in development fees and preventable product iterations later on. After building over 100 projects from an idea to ready-for-the-market products, we’ve listed some of the most common and practical UX research methods you could use if your product is not live yet. Follow them all and your growth graph will be sending you “thank you” notes in a few months when you will have invested hundreds of hours in development, marketing and distribution. If you’re interested in learning more about how a UX audit and overhaul can dramatically improve the online performance of your insurance business, contact our team of experts today to schedule your consultation.

Seeing how easy or difficult it is for a user to navigate through the content will give you a wealth of information about how effective the design may be and any edits or changes that need to happen. The UX design process begins at understanding the objectives of a business and how best to serve a target audience. By comprehending the psychology of a user, as well as applying UX best practices, it’s possible to provide them with a positive and memorable experience.

Or it might be that your product’s UI doesn’t quite appeal to the young students who are your target user base. Then you need to work on the plan and identify different solutions that can help to resolve the problem. After you worked on the solutions, there is a need to test those solutions with real users. This will help you get their feedback and thus iterate and improve the solution. Another not so traditional user research technique is using social listening tools to monitor what’s happening in your industry, the sentiment around your competitors, and what people are talking about specific topics.


In this article, we’ll dive into what design thinking is and how it helps UX designers and other pros solve creative problems. As smartphone usage has grown, fixed layouts have largely fallen out of favor for obvious reasons. Because the elements on the page don’t scale down for smaller screen sizes, mobile users have to scroll horizontally on fixed layouts to find things, or even just to read text, which is a giant pain. That’s why we’re here to look at the three most common user experience problems with learning management systems, and how you can identify systems with these issues during your search.

The success of your training program, and thus your employee experience, hinges on employees not wanting to pull their hair out when they use your new LMS. (That’s right, no trial here.) Just add a site plan for more pages, and a custom domain when you’re ready for the world. Some people get mixed up between what’s a wireframe, mockup, or prototype. Wireframing also serves another important function and that’s communication. They are a visual tool, making it possible to show everyone, no matter their role, how pages will be structured. Whether it’s a book we’re reading, movie we’re seeing, or website we’re navigating we need to understand what’s being communicated.

Prototypes let you get the necessary feedback and to make tweaks and edits before going live. With prototyping, you have both low fidelity and high fidelity prototypes. Low fidelity prototypes focus on function over visual design, while high fidelity prototypes focus on what the final version will look like. Below, we break down UX research best practices for identifying the biggest product challenges for your edTech users. We also decode some of the most common design feedback we hear from teachers and students.

What Exactly Is Design Thinking?

Users then have to “pinch and zoom” their way around, which doesn’t provide a good experience. Prototypes are great for user testing and can help identify what elements resonate with users as the design evolves. The design team can accept the solution that the prototype presents, in which case, it has been deemed successful in solving the user problem. On the other hand, the design team can completely reject the prototype or revise it to find a better solution. Designers that work on a team will typically come together during this phase to brainstorm as many new ideas as possible.

Ux Design: Understanding What Matters

Their website captures the duality of their brand identity striking just the right balance of fun and information. Conduct a UX audit of your existing product to illuminate areas with unintentional obstacles in the user’s journey. Most likely, there’s some challenge between your user and their intended goal. The amount of new data collected decreases with each test user and flattens out most prominently at 5 test users, making 5 users the right size for the right value. Spaces Your team’s work and workflows together in one place.Integrations All your favorite tools, built right in. Andrew Kucheriavy Andrew Kucheriavy is the Founder and CEO of Intechnic.

That plague your website or app, while still keeping your costs low and the process simple. Our mission is to share practical design insights and UX stories. Good places to start are, and – they all offer slightly different features and are more powerful than Google trends for the purposes of user research. You can build a few landing pages and run social media ads to A/B test UX headlines, product concepts , brand names, and anything else that doesn’t require the use of the actual product. Based on the ad performance and the landing page conversion rate you can evaluate which option might be more attractive.

A Lightweight Evaluation That Allows You To Identify Usability Issues Without The Involvement Of Users

Usability Geek is a blog that provides practical and useful insights into topics like Usability, User Experience , Human Computer Interaction , Information Architecture and related fields. Focusing on website usability helps to maintain and grow your web traffic. Common UX mistakes to avoid When you attend to the basic elements of a functional website, you increase the revenue that your website can generate. If you link to web pages that are not on your website, then check your links at least once a week to make sure they are still functional.

As an iterative process, design thinking relies heavily on experimentation. So, if you’re looking to find a solution to something big or small; consider creating a prototype. A prototype is a way for designers to see their solutions come to life. But, do you know what it means and how it relates to user experience design?

During this phase, the goal is to collect insights about the user by engaging with them and getting to know their needs, goals, and motivations. You will learn to feel on the same emotional and psychological level. This means that designers must put aside their assumptions to truly empathize with the user. While problem-based thinking focuses on limitations and obstacles, solution-based thinking allows you to productively solve a problem with outside-the-box thinking. Thinking outside the box can be challenging because humans naturally follow patterns of thinking that are based on their experience and knowledge.

User surveys and questionnaires are also an effective way to gather important data. They give the opportunity to ask very specific questions about what people are looking for or to get feedback about a particular design and whether or not it’s delivering what they want. A persona isn’t an average of all users, but represents a slice of your likely audience. Defining personas will help you create an optimal experience for how you want a particular individual, or team, to perceive your brand.

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